Daisy Zhe Wang
Assistant Professor and Director of Data Science Research Lab

Research Areas: Probabilistic databases, Probabilistic knowledge bases, in-database information extraction, large-scale advanced data analysis, and query-driven interactive machine learning




jnw2Joseph N. Wilson
Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Intelligent systems, machine learning, signal processing, computer vision, programming languages, and the boundaries where these diverse areas of study meet



alinAlin Dobra
Associate Professor

Research Areas: Approximate processing of database queries, foundations of data-mining/machine learning


milenko-photoMilenko Petrovic
Research Scientist, Institute for Human & Machine Cognition

Research Areas: Big Data systems, streaming data processing, cloud computing, mobile and embedded systems, sensor networks, scalable data acquisition and storage, parallel processing algorithms, data visualization




yangYang Chen
PhD Student

Research Areas: Large-scale knowledge bases, probabilistic graphical models



Clint P. George
PhD Student

Research Areas: Machine learning, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, graphical models



seanSean Goldberg
PhD Student

Research Areas: Machine learning, crowdsourcing, information extraction, knowledge base active learning


ypengYang Peng
PhD Student

Research Areas: Data science, image knowledge base, computer vision and machine learning




MortezaMorteza Shahriari Nia
PhD Student

Research Areas: Probabilistic graphical models, Knowledge bases, Array DBMS in-situ analytics




Jeremy Jay Baker

Research Areas: User Interface Design, Web Development, SigmaKB UI




Kun Li — First employment: Google
PhD Student, 2015

Research Areas: Information extraction, part of speech tagging


cgrantChristan Grant — First employment: Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma
PhD Student, 2015

Research Areas: Databases, data mining, large-scale machine learning,  query-driven analytics


ShriniA V Shrinivas — First employment: Amazon
Master Student, 2015

Research Areas: Knowledge Base Alignment, Rule learning, Information extraction and data mining



Soumitra JohriSoumitra Siddharth Johri — First employment: Bloomberg
Master Student, 2015

Research Areas: Data Science, Databases, Large Scale Knowledge Bases, Information extraction and Big Data Systems



Ishan PatwaIshan Patwa — First employment: Microsoft
Master Student, 2015

Research Areas: Pattern Recognition, Information Retrieval.





Jordan Gumbs — First employment: IBM
Master Student

Research Areas: Text analytics, machine learning and intelligent systems


niluNilu Nalini — First employment: Qualcomm
Master Student

Research Areas: Machine learning, crowdsourcing and knowledge bases



sunnySunny Khatri — First employment: Greenplum/EMC
Master Student

Research Areas: Machine learning, text analytics and information extraction



abhiramAbhiram Jagarlapudi — First employment: Amazon
Master Student

Research Areas: Machine learning, Distributed systems




Ryan Cobb
Master Student

Research Areas: Databases, Data Mining




Sahil Puri — First employment: Amazon
Master Student

Research Areas: Databases, Data Mining





Shuang Lin

Research Areas: Data visualization, data mining